Childrens Parties in Melbourne!
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Who is the party for?

Inviting the guests is not always as easy as you may think.

When is it?

Before you pick your date and time, make sure nothing conflicts.

The options

In Melbourne and Victoria there are many party choices.


Older kids are better off being entertained at parties later in the day. The reasons include the potential clash of sporting commitments and even such things as going shopping.

Many children over the age of 8 will be committed each week to playing sport such as soccer or basketball and often will not break the commitment for a kids birthday party. If you want all your friends to turn up on your big day, be mindful of this and plan the party after any likely games and sporting events.

Younger kids are best scheduled for parties early in the day. There are several reasons for this, the most important including that there may be younger siblings involved who may need to sleep after lunch each day. A party scheduled at such a time may be problematic for the mum involved and she may well decide taking one sibling to a party at sleep time for the other is simply too much hassle.

Younger kids are also much better behaved before lunch, so an early kids birthday party is likely to have a better response from the children than a later party. You are also less likely to get feral children wrecking your venue early in the day.

Melbourne party planning

Lets party

Once you've made this decision, decide the approximate number of people you want.

The date

Be careful! The date that seems best may have already been taken by someone else!


Before you invite everyone you want, make sure you don't invite people who may not like one another. Sometimes it makes sense to overlook a potential guest or two.


This may take time. Do you want to do it all yourself, or is it cheaper and easier to get a noutside professional to do the entertainment or even the food, so you too can enjoy the party.

Kids parties in Melbourne, the best parties

Kids party

Various entertainment options available across Melbourne.

Adults party

Some adults are content just to talk, but others will want more.

Reptile party

In Melbourne, snakes and animals appeal to all kids at a party.

Corporate party

It is critically important to project a good image at a company event and have entertainment that is safe, clean and of wide appeal.

Teenager or tween party

You won't get away with face-painting or fairies at parties for older children and young adults. They'll demand something different!

School reptile show

Schools need interesting incursions and shows. In Melbourne or bush Victoria, a wildlife display will educate the kids in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do a party?

Ask yourself, do you really want the bother inviting a load of children or adults to your home or venue. Perhaps it may be easier to simply take your closest friends to a venue elsewhere in Melbourne, such as a restuarant or pub. It may cheaper and easier as an option. If you have kids, maybe taking a few to the movies is a cheaper and easier option than a full-blown children's birthday party?

Home or elsewhere?

Cost means most people in Melbourne do their parties at home, rather than hiring a venue. Notwithstanding this, there are many venues for hire for parties, functions and events in most parts of Melbourne. These include, function centres, kinders on weekends, scout halls, rooms in hotels and more. These places are better equipped to deal with people who may break things and make a mess.

Paid entertainment or DYI?

While in years gone by, the concept of paying someone to entertain the kids at a party was reserved for the rich and famous, things have changed quite significantly in recent years. It's no exaggeration to say that the majority of kids birthday parties in Melbourne now feature some kind of paid entertainment or entertainer. This may be a clown, face-painter, animals or some other themed entertainment. These entertainers are not only affordable, but due to their expertise (they do this for a day job!), they can usually do a far better job of keeping the kids happy than say a mum or dad, who may work in some other occupation during the week.

Don't stress too much!

Regardless of what you decide to do for your next party. Don't stress too much over what may or may not happen. Most people will enjoy each other's company, no matter what entertainment is laid on and what food you serve. While good entertainment will make a party a more memorable experience, if things don't go quite according to plan, it will probably all be OK after the big event is over.


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